Thick Skin and Open Mind

It takes a thick skin to be in business. We don’t get better by ignoring the bad news, we get better by fixing the bad news. The problem is, we are hardwired to get defensive when someone points out flaws. In today’s culture, the attitude of you are either with us 100% or you are against us 100% promotes knee jerk reactions that leads to hiding issues that would normally wither under the light of day.

The balancing act of seeking out solutions to problems while remaining positive is difficult. I have never had a problem finding someone willing to complain and find fault. And it is usually not difficult to find someone who doesn’t believe there is a problem either. Finding a balanced solution can be difficult.

In my career, I am often in the position of pointing out problems to business owners. Things like your target demographic is not big enough to support a business. Your financial controls are inadequate to grow your business. Your sales force is cutting your margins to unprofitable levels. There are hundreds of other examples, but what really stands out is how a person responds to the problems. Someone who gets defensive, denies the problem and attacks the messenger is not going to perform as well as someone whose response to negative feedback is to ask questions and seek understanding.

So what does it take?

First of all, a curious and questioning mind. One that is open to the possibility of being wrong. One that is looking for a better way. Embrace the scientific method of testing hypothesis and coming to well thought out conclusions. A mind that is more interested in progress than always being right.

Second, there must be trust. Trust that the person bringing the problem to light will not be punished, but heard. Trust that a problem is not a personal attack, but a means of improving the current situation. Trust that a solution developed by all stakeholders will be make life better.

It takes a thick skin and an open mind to admit there is a problem and create a solution. Develop those skills and you will go far.

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