Our People

Russ Coltman:

Russ Head ShotRuss Coltman is the founder of Coltman Information Management, Inc. and lives by the old saying: You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Russ brings a unique background of economics, technology and business experience to companies interested in developing the infrastructure to manage business data with cost-effective, custom-built databases and spreadsheets designed to meet customer’s unique needs.  Russ is an expert at QuickBooks integration and understands how to develop systems to manage your data and allow you to make informed business decisions.

Russ has been coaching and training businesses since 1994.  Tech savvy and professional, his experience in budgeting, business planning, cost of production analysis, feasibility analysis, financial benchmarking, and production monitoring systems is invaluable to clients.  He combines technological expertise and business knowledge to create solutions that directly impact your bottom line.

Russ developed the Success ScoreCard © to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a business and provide a critical outside perspective.  This benchmarking tool allows us to identify skill sets you should focus on first and helps you develop goals with appropriate key performance indicators and monitoring systems to hold you accountable.

Our Passion:

Passion is the foundation for most entrepreneurs, but they often lack business skills.  And it shows. Our passion is helping entrepreneurs develop those business skills.  We love creating spreadsheets, merging data, and sifting through numbers to bring focus to your business.  It is our mission to provide entrepreneurs the information and management skills necessary to thrive and build lasting and sustainable businesses.

Our specialty is merging data from production, sales, marketing, and finance without losing sight of the human element, so you get a big picture view of your business.  We analyze complex systems and to help you make better decisions, while coaching you on how to do the same.

Our core belief is that investing in people and knowledge is the only long-term competitive advantage.  Focusing on the right metrics and developing a management infrastructure to monitor progress is critical to further development and survival.  We help leaders grow their skills and provide an outside viewpoint while developing the necessary infrastructure to manage by the numbers.