Speaking Engagements

Let us bring our passion to your event.  From a lunch and learn session to being a podcast guest, we bring passion and energy to the room.  Engaging and knowledgeable with over 25 years of speaking and training experience, we bring a wealth of examples to help an audience come away with a better understanding of business skills and how to implement them.  We are skilled at engaging an audience and drawing them into the conversation. With a wealth of experience to draw examples from, we drive home key lessons through storytelling.

We tailor each speech to incorporate your objectives and the message of your event to reinforce your message and propel your event and goals forward.

Speech Topics:

Reading your Financials for Management

Understanding the financial statements of your business is not only important to ensure accuracy and accountability, but it is also necessary when making crucial financial decisions.  Knowing how to analyze your financial statements will help you get a clear picture about your liquidity, leverage and profitability, so you can develop the best strategy to reach your goals.

Learn about

  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement
  • Leverage Impacts on ROI and ROA
  • Calculating Cost of Production
  • Building Robust Budgets
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Impacting Net Worth

Isn’t it time you leverage the power of knowledge?

Success ScoreCard – Navigate your way to profit

You started with an overwhelming passion for your work. Whether it’s farming, construction, making wine, or preparing gourmet meals, that’s what drove you to start your business.  You have strong technical skills and a passion for your work – it shows in your product.  But do you have the business skills necessary to thrive over the long term?

The Success Scorecard process identifies strengths and weakness across six key skills sets for benchmarking your business.  Develop a plan for success by focusing on these critical areas:

  • Management and Leadership
  • Wellness
  • Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Technology
  • Production

Your success depends on your skills.  The Success ScoreCard gives you an objective rating across six key categories as you navigate towards continuous improvement.